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5/5August 9th, 2015
HONESTY ,INTEGRITY I WILL ONLY USE  GLADIATOR PLUMBMING they are there to help not rip you off!I was lucky enough to have Francisco from Gladiator come to my house. I have a 1912 Craftman house and on the 2nd floor I was getting very poor hot water pressure , the previous owner had put in new copper . It didn’t take Francisco long to figure out there must me a union somewhere. Im pretty handy so to save me money he helped me figure out where I needed to open the floor so I can do that part of the job myself by doing that part myself it saved me around $300 :)Francisco came back and installed the new plumbing now I got good pressure !I have worked with many contractors in my life but it’s very rare you meet a contractor who is there to help and not there just take your money . I can’t thank you enough Francisco and Gladiator you guys are amazing!TheCaptain

5/5June 29th, 2015
I promised an update.  Best home service I have received in many years.  I will recommend them to others and definitely use them again.Good job folks!!!

5/5June 17th, 2015
These guys are fantastic! And I’m not that easy a customer to please.I had three leaks and my water bills were skyrocketing. Gladiator, represented by the very courteous and professional Raul, came in and assessed the situation very quickly. Raul then explained it to me in a way where I instantly understood what was happening.They were on time and did fantastic work. They cleaned up after themselves and left no trace they had ever been there  I was sick, lying around like a slug while they were there. They were very respectful to me. They finished quickly and I got a very fair invoice.I HIGHLY recommend Gladiator Rooter and Plumbing.

5/5October 20th, 2015
Victor did the sewer lateral for our new (old) home so we called him when we needed some indoor plumbing done. He fixed our most urgent issue on the spot! We are MOST pleased with Gladiator Rooter & Plumbing and specifically Victor! He’s an ACE plumber. 😉 We will use Gladiator Rooter & Plumbing for all our future plumbing needs.

5/5September 20th, 2015
Found a backed up mess in our basement and called Gladiator! I was afraid of the cost but these guys were not only fast to dispatch but very reasonably priced! Thank you for taking care of our mess and turning out bad night back into a good night!

5/5September 18th, 2015
Yesterday there was a plumbing emergency at my house while our nanny was there watching my kids. As I could not go without water for a night I needed someone to meet me at my house around 8pm when I got home from work. After calling a few plumbers (based off recommendations from friends) and getting turned down, I called gladiator based off their good reviews and they were able to help me. Martin arrived right on time, was very pleasant and was able to fix the problem quickly. I also thought the price was reasonable. Considering my house is almost 100 years old I’m sure I will be using them again in the future!

5/5August 31st, 2015
We had a semi-emergency with a nearly backlogged sewage line.Called Gladiator after calling 3 other highly rated Yelp plumbers.  In contrast to the first 3 companies, someone answered the phone at Gladiator, took down my info, and said that she would try to squeeze us in this afternoon.  Three hours later, I got a call that they could be at my house in 30 min.  I rushed home from work, met their crew, and 50 minutes later, they had both ours and our rear neighbors’ sewer lateral lines cleared from front to back and back to front.  Could not ask for anything more from a rooter company.

5/5July 6th, 2015
Tech was experienced and knowledgeable. Solved the drain issue without having to go extensively into the wall. Saved me some $$$ on future clogs if they were to happen. Best of it all…they were there before the time they estimated. Will continue to get my business and recommendations.

5/5September 30th, 2015
Outstanding service! My elderly aunt lives alone and needed two new toilets. Martin came out and diagnosed the problem, didn’t charge me for the visit and suggested I go online and buy the toilets from Home Depot to save money. He picked them up at Depot and installed them for a very reasonable price. The woman answering the phone was terrific too and helped us through many details. These folks are honest and reliable!

5/5September 24th, 2015
Excellent Service…I would use them again.

5/5September 23rd, 2015
Had an appointment with another company that never showed or called.  So I called Gladiator early afternoon and Raul came right after 5P.M. like I requested and installed our faucet in an hour.  Also tightened the outside faucet for the hose and gave advice on dryer vent and dish washer at no charge.  Will use them again for plumbing issues.

5/5June 14th, 2015
I had an ongoing problem with clogged kitchen drain pipes. Called and made an appointment, the technician came (on time) and assessed the problem. He used the snake to unclog the pipes, which took some extra effort due to complexity of my clog problem. He also pointed out the root cause and gave an evaluation of our sink/drain conditions. He noticed a deterioration of the pipe seals and rings, so he replaced them to prevent future leakage problems. All of this within an hour at $110 dollars. As I was about to write the check, he reminded me that I get a discounted rate for being a disabled veteran lowering my cost by 10%, how awesome!! I highly recommend Gladiator Plumbing and will definitely use them in the future

5/5September 4th, 2014
Finally a plumbing company I can rave about that I can’t wait to get online to give them a 5 stars review!!!  Unlike E-Z Plumbing I cant wait to let others know to stay away from.My appt. was today (9/4/14)  between 8:30am to 9am.  Jennifer called me shortly after 8:30am to let me know they just dispatched a plumber over and he was here within minutes.  Oswald was honest with me on whether or not I should fix it for now since the kitchen is gonna get remodeled by the new owner and it’s not a major issue.  He didn’t try to scam me like other plumbers by saying i need to fix this or that and just told me the connector was old.  I wish I found them earlier, now I know who to call if i have any plumbing issues!!  Thanks again Oswald and Gladiator plumbing!Oh yea, stay away from JJ Rooters too.

5/5July 16th, 2014
THIS IS HOW YOU RUN a business!!!I was in bad shape with sewer back up & saw these guys first pop up on google! Read reviews & I called. Robert answered & was awesome, very nice & professional !!! Oswald came as promised and took over then BAM no more clog in less than 8min! Yes I timed it lol. Highly recommend this place and they give first time callers a discount! My charge was $89.75!!  That was quoted me @ per hr. Those other plumbers that pay big $$$$ for TV & radio commercials,,,well who pays for that? Not me! Thanks to Robert and his team for coming in 1st place with me!

5/5January 14th, 2015
Easy to scedule appointment and tenant said they arrived ontime. Like they didn’t require payment once completed as we’re a property management company and prefer billing. Others require an account to be setup first which they didn’t either. Only wanted billing info. Will for sure use again if needed.

5/5July 22nd, 2015
I was up in the area taking care of my grandmother when I noticed her toilet was leaking pretty badly.  We had a ton of plans for the day and I called rooter rescue to come over to snake the drain… After Several hours of waiting I gave up on them and called Gladiator. I explained that my grandmother had a situation that needed to be handled quickly (she only has one toilet) and they said they would be there within the hour.  It only took about twenty minutes for the Plummer to show up.  Raul was really friendly, professional and fixed the problem quickly.  He was very thorough and I felt like I could trust him.  He gave my grandmother a senior discount; and after resealing the toilet and snaking the toilet from the clean-out he charged about $250.00.  Thank you!  I’ll be writing down your number for my grandmother to use again!  I’m very confident in your services!

5/5April 9th, 2015
Had a loose and ill-fitting shower valve handle. Guys came right over. Couldn’t repair it so said they’d contact one of the owners, Victor. Next day, he comes, he fixes, he delights!Have used Gladiator twice before for rooter issues, and again, they were total professionals. Very highly recommend.

5/5November 25th, 2014
Victor came by today to fix my water heater. He was super nice, prompt, and knowledgable. I highly recommend him!

5/5February 8th, 2015
I was so impressed by these guys! On Sunday morning, Initially I called a nation-wide chain, and was told it would be 2 DAYS until I could have a plumber come! I called gladiator next, and within AN HOUR they were at my front door! They were quick, clean and professional. I will definitely call them for any future plumbing needs! Totally recommend them!

5/5November 6th, 2014
I am not good in this is first time write review.I have small incomeunit.It’s old.has so many different problem  everytime l call somebody they gave me hard time.but after know this guys just call .they go there finish job.small or big.They save my life.thank you raul!

5/5March 11th, 2014
Gladiator was Great.  They had an appointment the same day.  They showed up on time and fixed the clog in no time at all.  I had a pipe that was showing rust, he gave me a quote and said it would be an easy fix.  I would recommend them to anyone.

5/5January 27th, 2015
I called Gladiator today for an emergency repair and Cesar and his guy was at my house in an hour. They used the snake drain machine to remove the blockage in my sewer and they were done in 30 mins. I don’t usually write reviews but these guys deserved one for their A++ service.

5/5January 12th, 2014
Gladiator made my day. Just when I thought my overflowing kitchen sink was going to wreck a beautiful Sunday, Eduardo and his assistant came out, replaced an ancient,  corroded pipe instead of just rooting it and running, and then suggested other ways we could improve out 1916-vintage plumbing. All at a perfectly reasonable price.Gladiator is beyond excellent!

5/5May 2nd, 2015
Gladiator is the ONLY plumber to employ!   They are very competent, scrupulously honest and personable.  Victor Morales came to thoroughly check everything in my rental property and found solutions to recurring problems.   Gladiator has also come to my home for emergency repairs, once on a Saturday night when I had company for dinner and the kitchen sink was backed up.  They arrive on schedule as promised, quickly work through causes to unclog drains and leave a bill that is very very reasonable.   Go for Gladiator!

5/5June 29th, 2014
Excellent response and excellent service. I noticed that the washbasin in the garage was draining very slowly from the washing machine drain cycle on Saturday and this morning noticed the main sewer line cover in the back was covered with yuck and from the water marks on the concrete walkway it seemed obvious the main line was backed up. Cross-referenced Yelp and the Diamond Certified website and chose Gladiator to see if they could help, fully expecting that they could not be here until Monday. The receptionist (not a service) answered and said she could have a plumber out between 11:30 and 12:30 today. Perfect.Sesar showed up around 11:45, figured out what needed to be done, snaked the sewer line a couple of times for good measure, water tested it, and was finished in about an hour. Problem solved and all drains are running great.All in all I could not have asked for better or more pleasant service.

5/5May 26th, 2014
As you can imagine, a sewer system that starts to back up into our toilets and overflow an 8" shower stall with raw sewage is not a good holiday event. We called 3 plumbers, knowing we would have to pay big for today, and finally heard from Gladiator, that they were on their way. The repair guy was from the Foothill area and polite, professional, fast and made good suggestions to prevent future problems as well as talking about the value of water in this area (i.e, the value of low volume flush toilets. Can’t say enough about this guy and his work.

5/5February 28th, 2013
I found Gladiator on yelp and have had them back on a number of occasions. Each and every time, a person has answered the phone – and most importantly, had a professional plumber to my house and working on the problem within 2 hours. Pricing is always fair – and as I’ve come to experience most recently, stand behind the work they do 100%.Just about a month ago, I had Gladiator out to clear an underground cleanout that was backing up.  A couple weeks later, same problem – they came out took care of it under warranty and all seemed well for a couple of weeks.  Last night, my wife and I arrived home to find sewage flowing out of the same cleanout. I called Gladiator at 7 PM – and was happy to see our friendly plumber before 8. After working on it for more than an hour – he told me that he was unable to clear it, and that he believed that he  had made the long run out to the main sewer line. He suggested that I call the city – see if they’ll come out – but just in case, he’d plan to be out first thing in the morning with an extension. As it turned out – the city of Castro Valley amazed me as well – had someone out at the property before 10 – to find that the problem was indeed with the main. Most amazingly, Gladiator Plumbing stayed at the house, advising the city what he had done – and stuck around to make sure that the problem got resolved. Amazing service at any time of day – let alone after 10 PM.

5/5December 4th, 2014
After a weekend of dealing with a stopped up toilet and sewage coming out of the shower drains, I was a wreck!!!!  On a monday morning, I found this provider through Yelp. Jennifer was pleasant and friendly to work with. Raul Sr came within the promised time frame.  He attempted to snake the drains but found it seemed like the snake didn’t work………The next day, Raul the son came back and attempted to snake the drains with a bigger heavy duty snake………..and a blockage was found. After sending a camera down the drain for a video inspection –  a huge rock was found in the waste pipe! That’s another unrelated issue for our builder to resolve………A few days later, one of Gladiator’s representatives personally dropped the video DVD off to our place.  All in all, everytime I called or came in contact with one of Gladiator’s representatives, they were very nice and professional. Their pricing was pretty reasonable and I wouldn’t hesitate to contact them …………if I ever have plumbing issues again……

5/5November 7th, 2013
These guys are excellent. Fast, professional, informative. They are the best service company that I have ever dealt with. Definitely would use them again and recommend them without hesitation.

5/5June 21st, 2014
Experience was awesome from the start. Phone service and scheduling was courteous. Received regular updates on the plumber’s ETA. Francisco, co-owner of Gladiator Plumbing, advised me of his approach and got right to work. Very knowledgeable and friendly. He was not bothered by my hovering and curiosity/questions. Although the job was more extensive than expected, he got it done in 2 hours and charged a very reasonable price, particularly when compared with another plumbing service who tried to charge 2.5x for "weekend rates"! Gladiator’s reasonable rates are the same everyday! I would definitely use Gladiator again for my plumbing needs. Awesome!

5/5October 21st, 2013
I call on a Sunday and Gladiator was the only company to respond. A very nice technician named Caesar showed up on time and quickly got to work un-cloging our main sewer drain which was backing up into a lower apartment. As this had happened several times over the past few months I asked to have a video drain inspection done to see what was going on. Caesar quickly got out his equipment and diagnosed the problem, a previous drain service had broken off their cutter blade 30ft into the main drain. Caesar said he did not have the proper equipment to remove the obstruction but he would be happy to come back the next day and remove cutter blade. They showed up on time and removed the obstruction within minutes.Most EXCELLENT!I was really relived and happy that Gladiator had finally diagnosed the issue as it had been a major issue as sewage had backed up one of the apartments a few times over several months.GREAT Service GREAT price, GREAT professionalism…AAA++++++

5/5August 4th, 2014
Our sewer line blocked up on a Saturday night. I called in to Gladiator late Saturday night — the person who answered was very pleasant — and they had someone out the next day. There was no cleanout access on our sewer line so they ran a line through the stack vent to clean it out temporarily. The next day they came out and put in a cleanout for the quoted price, even though they had to do a lot of digging to find the line. Good people to do business with.

5/5January 12th, 2013
We love Haddon. Two years ago they installed our new furnace and last week hey replaced all of our heating ducts. They sub-contracted an asbestos removal company (ERI) as well. We were scheduled to have everything start on a Monday. My daughter got extremely sick on Sunday night and was up all night "being sick." There was no way she could stay home from school with them working around her (she has severe autism and can’t handle even a little bit of noise or new people, so didn’t want her to have to deal with it when sick). Haddon and their asbestos removal company happily postponed the installation without charging us any extra fees. Everything went as planned starting Tuesday. The actual Haddon guys were here on Wednesday from 8 to 1. They replaced my whole duct system in that time. They were really nice guys, put tarps down, vacuumed when they left, etc. I appreciate that kind of service. On another note, we have a friend who works for a heating company and he said their price was really reasonable. (You can never really know if someone is ripping you off if you don’t know anything about the service…. but our friend confirmed that these guys are not a rip-off)Would use them again and would recommend anyone I know.Thanks!

5/5October 16th, 2012
One of the owners (I can’t remember his name) came out in a brand new Chevy van to to fix a backup in the sewer line in the home I’m renting.  He had the best price, best service, and was extremely punctual!  He cleared the clog via the rooftop cleanout, and made a few recommendations on plumbing items to address down the road.  Not trying to upsell, but it was a "make sure to address this/keep an eye on this" conversation.Can’t beat that at all! A+!

5/5May 27th, 2013
They replied my email very quickly and was helpful to answer my question. My toilet and bathtub drained very slowly. I suspected that it should be the main pipe problem. They came to my house on time, and fixed the main pipe clogging in a half hour.

5/5June 16th, 2012
I called Victor because of the broken water heater. He showed up within minutes and had it replaced shortly after. Today, the tenants called and said there were issues with the hot water. Again, Victor was there with minutes and had things back to normal.I would recommend Victor for all of your plumbing needs.

5/5November 19th, 2013
We live in an old home in San Leandro and found a couple of very poorly connected bathroom sewer drains while doing some trenching — likely the result of an equally poor plumbing repair in the past.  I checked Yelp and found Gladiator’s great reviews, and within 45 minutes Oswaldo and Sesar were at my home working.  A third Gladiator employee drove a couple of unusual parts over, and the job was complete in barely over an hour.  If someone uncovers this repair in 25 years I’m convinced it’ll still be in great shape.  Thanks for the excellent response time and work!  I enthusiastically recommend Gladiator.

5/5November 11th, 2013
Gladiator Plumbing Rocks!I was looking for someone to replace my water heater and Yelp had the answer!Based on the 26 reviews I was drawn to Gladiator.I called at 3.30 pm and asked about an appointment and Sesar and Oswaldo arrived within a half an hour inspected my broken water heater and the water shut off lines and we agreed a price to complete the job today.They went away to get parts and came back in less than an hour and completed the removal of the old tank and installed a new one and also added a bonus faucet so I  can have water in my Patio for a drip system or a waterfall.These guys are awesome they are efficient and clean up after themselves and best of all they take credit cards!They finished around 8 pm and left me a card to call if I have any problem!From the lady who answered the phone to the gentlemen who completed the job Gladiator delivered. I would highly recommend them to everyone.

5/5October 11th, 2012
Had an exterior leak in the whole house valve.  Called another plumber and they said I needed to replace the pipe back to the street and quoted $3000.Called Gladiator for another quote.  Victor showed up, dug around a little and said the valve just needed to be repaired.  He did that on the spot And saved me a boatload of money.Thanks, Victor.  Highly recommended!!!

5/5June 25th, 2011
I contacted Gladiator Rooter(Victor) on a Saturday afternoon, due to a clogged main sewer line,  his crew was on site within in an hour. They were professional, courteous and was patient with our need to "double check" and ask questions.   This was a main line at a commercial building and we wanted to be certain all was well before they left due to how disruptive this type of thing is.  Their prices are very reasonable, even though this was an emergency weekend call, I believed I was just charged the usual price. I am definetly using them again, even for my non-emergency work.

5/5February 13th, 2013
This was the second time I’ve called Gladiator for a plumbing drama, and the second time they’ve bailed me out of a big mess.  There are some businesses out there that when you find a good one, you keep them – like a car repair shop or a dry cleaner.  Gladiator Plumbing is one of those: they come when you need them, do the job right, and you can’t beat the price (both times was less than expected).  I asked for (and got) a refrigerator magnet so I don’t have to hunt for the number the next time.

5/5December 25th, 2012
A horribly clogged sink led me to call at 7:30 am on Christmas Eve morning after already leaving a message with our "regular" plumber ‘s service. A sleepy voice answered with a simple "hello".  I explained my situation and after repeating my address twice was told someone would be here in an hour.  I was a little concerned when I had to repeat the address a 3rd time and nearly gave up the line when I saw the regular plumber was returning my call just then.  So glad I trusted yelp!  In exactly an hour a clean-cut, neatly dressed, polite gentleman arrived.  He fixed the clog and even replaced a section of pipe for much less than what we’ve paid the other guy in the past.  Very happy with this service, will absolutely use them again.

5/5November 16th, 2013
We had some problems with the kitchen drain (slow drainage) and some issues with the construction of the pipes (they were plastic instead of metal.  Metal is required in San Leandro).  They came when they said they would and      cleared the slow drain with no problem.  They removed the plastic pipes and replaced everything with metal and made sure everything was working properly before they left.  Their charges were very reasonable for what they did.  Much better than Roto-Rooter.  Would definitely use them again.

5/5June 16th, 2013
great service today on father’s day!!  thanks for being efficient!!

5/5December 7th, 2012
Called several highly recommended plumbers but got voice mails for everyone except Gladiator.  Spoke to Jennifer who quickly arranged a same-day service appointment for overflowing toilet that could not be plunged.  Plumber arrived on time, cleaned several lines and set new wax seal.  Great service, great prices, highly recommend.  And if you are over 65, go to their website to get 10% discount.

5/5November 16th, 2011
Sergio did a great job on unclogging our shower drain. I found them via the web at the Better Business Bureau. At a great price!

5/5September 12th, 2012
We just had our toilet and our bathtub backup.  I called Roto Rooter and was not impressed with their price.  Then I remember to trust my yelping friends.  Within in seconds it was perfectly clear, by the five star ratings, who to call.  Gladiator quoted a fair hourly price and said that a plumber was able to come in about an hour.  At about 45 minutes later I received a call from Raul, the plumber, to say that he was on his way.  He introduced himself and remembered my name the whole time.  He was very nicely dressed and clean too so I wasn’t scared to let him walk around my house.  He worked hard to solve the problem and even helped to clean up some of the mess.  The final price was just for an hour of work…even though he was past the hour.     It was an overall wow experience.  No doubt that I will use and recommend their services.

5/5October 21st, 2013
Gladiator plumbing crew were fantastic!.  I can’t praise them enough.  Francisco M. and Edgar did a great job replacing my old plumbing and drains in house and garage.  My house is 80 years old.  They took the time to replace piping without damaging my walls or making an holes in my back splash to get to faucet pipes.   Francisco helped to replace a shower head without extra charge.  The price as fair and the crew explained each day what would be done.  When Francisco found a wire under the house that was sparking and unsafe; he recommended an electrician who came out quickly and fixed the problem. They were professional and courteous.   They make sure I had water running at the end of each day. They answered all my questions in simple terms I could understand. They cleaned up at the end of each day. They made the process comfortable for me.  I wouldn’t hesitate to call they again for any plumbing  issues.

5/5October 17th, 2011
I’ve used Gladiator for about a dozen different plumbing projects (for our commercial properties). They do a great job and they’re not outrageously expensive. I’ve also used them at my own house.

5/5June 2nd, 2011
Victor and his team have been fantastic. They handled the replacement of the old heaters in my house with great efficiency and professionalism.

5/5April 28th, 2015
I recently hired Gladiator for our Trenchless Sewer line replacement work and they did a top notch job. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who is looking for this kind of work.Initial Quote & Appointment setting: I called on Gladiator and they came to our home promptly to look at the home and give us a quote. I live in Niles Neighborhood in a 60 year old home so for us the work was very urgent and we have no clue how the sewage line is setup.Gladiator gave us a fixed quote for both including the city permits and without city permits without any digging our front yard and use their rough estimate for the quote.City Permits: I took the option of all inclusive city permits but when Gladiator learnt that we do not need city permit for the job they called me back and adjusted the quote to the lower amount automatically.The D Day- The team arrived 15 minutes before time and started working immediately. The whole team was extremely courteous and made sure we are not disturbed. The initial assumption that the sewage line will be straight turned out to be wrong and the line went across below our driveway. The team ensured that they found a way around this new discovery and only broke a very small part of our driveway to complete the work.Finally they finished the work on time around 4:00 pm as promised. The patched our driveway cleanly and finally cleaned our front yard as if nothing was ever there.Overall it was a great experience and I will strongly recommend them.

5/5April 19th, 2015
Very happy with Victor Morales as he cleaned the sewer line roots and showed me on camera that it was clean. The previous plumber didn’t cut the roots and told me that the line was too bad and needs to be replaced!

5/5November 13th, 2014
I got home late from work (8:30pm) to find my cat wedged upside-down in the little corner behind the water heater. They came right out, kept talking to her to keep her calm, and took care not to hurt her – and didn’t break the checkbook to do it. If anything else comes up (or the silly critter does this again), I’ll be calling these guys.

5/5October 27th, 2014
Great Company. Will keep calling. Thanks Guys!

5/5August 8th, 2014
I’ve never written a yelp review before, but this company deserves one!  I had a backed up sewer and had a plumber I’ve used in the past come by (after waiting 4 days for him to get back from vacation – major laundry piling up!).  He told me he couldn’t fix it (won’t use him again) but I would probably need my entire huge deck removed and a deep trench dug all around my house. He shook his head and told me it would be really, really expensive.  I called several other plumbers only to be told they were booked until next week.  Now my laundry was REALLY piling up.  I got the number for Gladiator Plumbing and they scheduled an appt for the same day.  Oswald showed up ON TIME, was knowledgable, courteous, and fixed the problem in less than an hour.  No deck removal, no trenches dug up, and only $89.75.  I will use them again any time I need a plumber and will recommend them to anyone.  Thanks Oswald!

5/5March 14th, 2014
I want to shout out a very good recommendation for Victor.- He arrived within the time frame he had set with me.- He did not increase the price he quoted    (even though, I think, he misunderstood me over the     phone and thought he was to install a much easier part        AND even though he went over one hour).- Because a connector on the other part was broken,     he installed a new version of that part as well   –   with no complaint.    (luckily I had both parts on hand – so no time was wasted shopping at least).- He was very pleasant and professional.- He did not leave until he was certain the work had corrected my problem.I absolutely recommend him and his company.VH

5/5December 15th, 2013
These guys do live up to there 5 star ratings. Contacted a few other plumbing companies: not hearing back from any of them, I decided to trust yelp and contacted Gladiator. After giving my information to the friendly receptionist, she said someone would be out within an hour. 45 minutes later, a young looking fellow by the name of Caesar arrived. He worked at it like true professional the entire time. He finished after an hour and 20 minutes and only charged me for an hours work and ever provided me with a 10% discount on top of that. Never again will I have to look for another plumbing company. This guys are GREAT.

5/5October 23rd, 2013
Gladiator your the best, My brother referred them to me and was I glad he did. Caesar was over to clear a washer drain and need additional equipment, he needed to come back. Francisco and Edgar came back to finish the job ,but it turned out to be also a sewer problem  and they were on it. They all worked so very hard to get the lines cleared. Few years of build up. So professional, when they said they would be there they were and very good price.I will always recommend them to my family and friends.

5/5October 15th, 2013
I’m dealing with a never ending headache of sewer repair issues in East Bay hills associated with EBMUD PSL, and I found Victor and Gladiator Rooter and Plumbing late in the game – wish I had come across them sooner.  Had a great meeting with Victor, was able to finally get to the bottom of the problems at hand and what all the options were to fix them (some of which didn’t involve Victor getting any work / making money yet he was still honest enough to present them to me), and for the work he could do he gave me a very fair price.  Will definitely be calling back for additional work.

5/5October 12th, 2013
This was part of a tag-team deal. Ygnacio from Oakland Rooter came to my house and did me the awesome favor of unclogging our sewer drain. Knowing that Victor from Gladiator Rooter and Plumbing were working just up the street, he called them in to use a camera to inspect the pipe to the street. He found that there were still some roots in the path, and agreed to come back later to clear them. Imagine my surprise when I find out that Ygnacio and Victor had agreed that I should not be charged for the extra cleaning, saving me $100. This kind of community help and cooperation among our local companies is what makes me proud to live in Oakland. Victor finished up quickly and my drains were back to doing their job in no time. He took the time to show and explain the process, and now I know what the plumbing outside my house looks like. Thank you for your hard work on a Saturday afternoon – and I’ll recommend these guys to anyone who need a plumber in the future. I look forward to working with Gladiator Rooter and Plumbing – even when it’s not an emergency!

5/5May 22nd, 2013
Called this morning and the guy was out around noon to give an estimate on our toilet. He was able to fix it that same day. Both workers, Angel & Cesar, were very professional and helpful. They finished everything in just a couple hours and gave us a very good deal. Definitely satisfied in every respect!

5/5April 18th, 2013
We had a plugged drain. Called Gladiator. Angel came over in about an hour. He was courteous and unclogged the drain quickly. I would defintely use them again. Do not hesitate to call them.

5/5March 20th, 2013
If you’ve only got a moment, or you’re not really interested in hearing my story of sewer lines and consternation, I’ll give you the spoiler – Gladiator Plumbing is Freeking Fantastic!Nobody wants to deal with a backed-up sewer line. It’s just not a fun thing, in any respect. It is, however, something that must be dealt with. I’ll spare the details, but a few weeks ago, in addition to the chores I was already attending to, I had to find a plumber, or a new place to live. I must have called half a dozen places, and nobody had time, or the equipment, or answered their phone. Out of desperation I called one of the Something-Something-Rooter places, and they agreed to send out a fellow, however, they couldn’t tell me what it would cost, only that the estimate was free and I would know by the end of it. Well, just inside of the 2 hour window the guy showed up. He was very nice, quoted me more than double what I would end up paying, and began the upsell on the Super-Agro-Complete-Flush-Water-Jet-Sewerline-Enema… for $600+ and wouldn’t be available to be done until the following week!  He was very gracious and I could tell he wasn’t in love with that part of his job (or, likely, the sewer issue). I appreciated his coming, and evaluating, but time was of the essence.After he left, I continued searching Yelp and making calls, and dialed Gladiator. Pleasant reception on the phone, flat, reasonable hourly rate quoted, and a 2 hour window for response. Perfect, I thought, but it got better… Angel showed up within 30 minutes of the call, assessed and got to snaking. Super nice guy, and chatted with me, while I tried not to interrupt his work – I’m that guy that stands over people while they’re trying to get something done – especially if it involves tools, attempting to evolve my knowledge, but mostly chit-chatting. 20 minutes later, everything is flowing as it should, paid with credit card and received the invoice with a 30 day warranty. This same thing had happened a few years earlier and then been fine, so after a couple days I tossed the receipt – trying to reduce general clutter in my life, while invoking Murphy’s Law…Last night I returned home, and went down to the shop, where I was greeted by a familiar and unpleasant odor… again. Since my experience had been so good the last time, I gave Gladiator a call once more. It was after 7pm, so I was worried that it would be an after-hours and more expensive call – Not to worry, said the kind man on the phone. I’ll have someone out as soon as possible – same flat rate. I mentioned that they had come to do the same job recently.Cesar showed up in record time – maybe 20 minutes, in the rain, and got to work and cleared it equally fast. I was getting out my credit card when he said, it was under warranty. Free, at 8pm in the rain! While I did have to deal with this twice, I’m more inclined to believe that my 80 year old plumbing is experiencing some chronic malady than that the job wasn’t done right the first time.I highly recommend Gladiator Plumbing, and am glad to support a local, hard-working and responsive team. I wish every business were as efficient and congenial.

5/5March 7th, 2013
Gave Gladiator a call for a leaky shower faucet and a few other issues and was so glad we did.  Francisco was on time and took care of all of our needs.  He was professional, courteous and really nice.  He gave us some tips regarding our shower and dishwasher and did a fabulous job. Their prices are also excellent.  We will definitely be calling Gladiator again for any plumbing issues we may have.

5/5October 28th, 2012
My partner and I have used Gladiator plumbing for numerous jobs on our two apartment buildings, varying from replacing drainage pipes into walls under kitchen sinks to installing large new hot water heaters for an 11 unit building. Our dealings have normally been through Victor, who schedules the work, and with others such as Raul, Ishmael and Jose. All of them have been professional, easy and fun to deal with -this extends to Jennifer who manages the office – and their prices have always been realistic. Emergencies get priority, and even lesser jobs normally get done on the same day. I recommend Gladiator highly, as they have been 100% consistent over many years. They are also creative in problem solving and think along. Five stars!

5/5October 22nd, 2012
Gladiator Plumbing just finished finding a sewer line leak that no one else could locate.  Thank you Victor and thanks for getting my kitchen hooked back up

5/5September 5th, 2012
Victor came through for us when we really needed it. We were about to close the sale of our house when our water heater flooded the basement. He trouble shooted the problem and started on the fix immediately even though it was a holiday since he knew we were in a time crunch. His price was very reasonable as well. If there was a sixth star I’d give it too him.

5/5August 22nd, 2012
Victor is prompt, efficient and honest.He was able to save a dated but quality faucet rather than replacing it.I highly recommend Gladiator Plumbing for all your plumbing needs.Meda, Orinda

5/5June 21st, 2011
My property manager contacted Gladiator Rooter and Plumbing to fix my leaky bath tub. The only problem was, no one knew where the water shutoff valve was! The two plumbers (one of whom was Ramon) looked all around the complex for the valve and had no luck. Thankfully a neighbor told us where to find the valve and within 30 minutes my tub was fixed. They had a smile on their faces the entire time. I really appreciate their dilligence, patience and most of all their work. My bath tub hasn’t leaked since! Thanks for the professionalism as well as the friendly, positive attitudes.

5/5May 14th, 2011
Victor Morales & his trained staff at Gladiator Plumbing are second to none.  They responded immediately to a ruptured hot water pipe at rental property I own in Concord.  They accessed the situations, made recommendations for needed repairs and completed an entire re-piping of the home in about 2.5 days.  They were very reasonably priced, and even gave a senior discount as well.  I would highly recommend Victor Morales & Gladiator Plumbing (510-533-6531) to any of my family or friends.  Sincerely, W.A. Donaldson, Benicia, CA 94510

5/5May 14th, 2011
Victor Morales & his trained staff at Gladiator Plumbing are second to none.  They responded immediately to a ruptured hot water pipe at rental property I own in Concord.  They accessed the situations, made recommendations for needed repairs and completed an entire re-piping of the home in about 2.5 days.  They were very reasonably priced, and even gave a senior discount as well.  I would highly recommend Victor Morales & Gladiator Plumbing (510-533-6531) to any of my family or friends.  Sincerely, W.A. Donaldson, Benicia, CA 94510